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SOLD -   #1 - Hawk (left) is wearing a plain hunter green number that is just a classic. - $9.95

SOLD - #2 - Max (center) is wearing an ivory fisher-knit sweater with dual rope pattern in the front and back. - $9.95

SOLD - #3 - Heinrich (right) is wearing an ivory fisher-knit sweater with a rope pattern centered in two cables down the front and back. - $9.95

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SOLD - #4 - Chuck (left) wears a classic plain black that goes anywhere, and with anything. - $9.95

SOLD - #5 - Tracy (center) is wearing an interesting powder-blue number with flowered pattern in front, with plain back. Please note, the flower pattern has see-through gaps.- $9.95

SOLD - #6 - The Commander (right) wears a vibrant deep red colored sweater that just rich and elegant. - $9.95

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SOLD - #7 - Jane (left) wears an attractive number that has multiple cabling around the bodice, and tight waves around the sleeves. - $9.95

#8 - Anne (below) wears a soft rich green sweater with rope cabling down the front and rear, as well as down both sleeves. - $9.95

SOLD - #9 - Falcon (right) wears a simple but sharp steel blue pullover that is suitable for any day out in the brisk air. - $9.95

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SOLD - #10 - Matt (left) wears another simple plain but elegant black sweater that could be used on many missions. - $9.95

SOLD - #11 - Jose (center) wears an ivory fisher-knit sweater with helix pattern on front, and plain in back. - $9.95

SOLD - #12 - Joe (right) is wearing a grey sweater with dual rope pattern down the front and back. $9.95

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SOLD - #13 - Lara (left) wears an ivory fisher-knit sweater with dual rope pattern down the front and back, as well as a single cable pattern down the sleeves. - $9.95

SOLD - #14 - Easter (right) wears a white sweater in a popcorn-patterned sweater, great for standing out in a crowd. - $9.95

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SOLD - #15 - Mike (left) wears another deep red plain sweater that just stands out as being a classic. - $9.95

SOLD - #16 - Duke (center) is well-outfitted for night ops with this simple black sweater. He wishes he was in a raft on his way to Spy Island right now. - $9.95

SOLD - #17 - Ulysses (right) wears a grey version of the helix-patterned sweater. The front has the helix, the back is plain. - $9.95

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#18 - Jack (left) wears a steel-blue pullover that sports dual cabling down the front and back. - $9.95

SOLD - #19 - Jake (center) sports another of our fine plain black numbers, suitable for any operation. - $9.95

SOLD - #20 - Ace (right) wears a soft green item that has dual rope pattern down the front and back. Very suitable with military colors. - $9.95

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#21 - John (left) discusses his plans in his ivory basket-patterned beauty. - $9.95

SOLD - #22 - Francis (upper center) listens intently in a dual-wave cabled bright royal blue sweater. - $9.95

#23 - Natasha (right) wears another of our new line for females. This one is a brilliant red number with dual cabling down the front and back. - $9.95

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#24 - Earl (left) is proudly displaying the colors of the American flag in broad horizontal bands. - $9.95

#25 - Hiro (right) wears a low-necked sweater in earth-toned stripes ranging from rust to dark brown to mocha. - $9.95

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SOLD - #26 - The Major (left) wears a mix of greys and browns with ivories in variable stripes. - $9.95

SOLD - #27 - Chip (right) seeks butterflies in his brilliant red sweater with rope cabling down the front and back. - $9.95

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SOLD - #28 - Darien (left) wears a brilliant red sweater with dual ropes down the front and back in hopes he will stand out in a crowd and not seem invisible. - $9.95

#29 - Joe (center) wears a silky soft pure white sweater with rope patters in front and back. - $9.95

SOLD - #30 - Robert (right) wears a soft, pastel blue number, simple, plain and elegant. - $9.95

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Sarah Foster Touques. Hand-knit, these caps can be used to mix or match. Each cap is $1.50, with $.75 shipping, no matter how many you order. If ordered with a sweater, shipping is included with the sweater order.

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Hunter Green
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Royal Blue
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Bright Red
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Blue, Red & White
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ORDER: To order, use the e-mail form, specifying by number which sweater you want, or by color which touque you want, and your mailing address!! Shipping is $2.50 for the first sweater, with $.50 per sweater after. Touques ship for $.75 (no matter how many you order), or no extra with sweater order. I will take money orders, or paypal. Paypal's quicker.

Please note that the sweater you order is the one pictured. Each is hand-made, and individual. You will get the very same sweater the figure is wearing, no exceptions. Also note that the color correction on the above pictures is not 100% accurate, though most of them are pretty darned close.

Please note also that I only have one of each sweater. Thus far, these are unique. So if more than one person orders the same sweater, the earliest order gets it. If certain sweaters sell fast, I may get my mother to make more of the same. Even if a sweater is marked SOLD, please let me know you liked it, so I can make note of which ones are most popular, so I can get more made.

Please note touques were not individually photographed. I shot one of each color. You may not get the same one in the picture, but the difference is unnoticeable.

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