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I use this page to discuss mistakes and other problems with the shoot. However, real bloopers and out-takes were rare with this shoot, because we took our time, and got it right. However, for your enjoyment:


Good Camera, Bad Operator

The camera I was using tries its best to light properly depending on the situation. So to make shots appear with a dark background, you have to overlight your central figure. Then the camera tries to regulate the light, forcing the light down at the focal point, making it darker in the background. Otherwise, even if it's all dimly lit, the camera will artificially bring the light way up, making the light very flat. It also increases JPEG artifacting. A process we had to learn the hard way.

Low light, but no hot spot, made the camera flatten out all the light.
Practically no light at all makes it all dark.
Perfect. The background was lit the same way it is to the left, but a lamp is brought in to brighten up the Doctor.


Here's a tip. Don't try for hand-held in low light!
The slightest shake gets captured, because the shutter speed slows down.


Ah, Here's the Funny!

Just for fun, we threw together a few cute shots:





Ok, I assume you're all here for the K-9 replacement auditions?



Sorry, old chap, but the GI Joe vs. Aliens shoot is in the next studio.



Doctor! At last, I have you right where I want you!
Wait till I get over there, you'll be in big trouble!


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