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This is a screen from GEOS running on a Commodore 64. The 5 purple icons are programs that I wrote in geoAssembler that run on the Commodore 64 or 128. geoMimic, MIND, SuperMIND, Hazard! and geoComix. I also created a font for GEOS called Who Font. Also I present "The Runner", a comic book I drew in geoPAINT.

Hazard, MIND and SuperMIND were published by LoadStar Disk Magazine in the early 1990s. geoMimic and geoComix are shareware and freely distributable, as are the Who Font and "The Runner".

Click on the icons to learn more about the programs.

Hazard! Who Font Go To SuperMIND Page Go To geoMimic Page Go To MIND Page Go To geoComix Page The Runner The Orb.t I didn't bother to set the clock for these shots. d'OH! Download the .D64 Disk Files Here

Download the .D64 Disk File Here

** NEW! - And now you can download GEOS for the Commodore 64 and for the Commodore 128 for free here!

VICE, the Commodore Emulator is awesome! It emulates the C64, the C128 (with both screens), the Vic 20 and a couple of other Commodore machines!

But you'll need Star Commander to convert disks to work properly!

GI Joe

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