GI Joe
Adventure Team Motor Pool

This page is dedicated to 1:6-scale vehicles my GI Joe team uses on missions.

GI Joe

AT Can-Am Spyder

Dragonhawk Backpack Jet Conversion

Honda Goldwing

Yamaha Rhino

K9 Corps Dune Scorcher

Modern ATV

AT Beach Buggy

AT H2 Command Vehicle

AT Command Car
Sadly is no more! Was reported stolen by the Commander over a year ago!

AT Jeep

AT 4x4 Quad Bikes

AT Escape Car

AT Dune Buggy


AT Snowmobile

AT "Thing"

AT Sporster

AT Troubleshooter II

AT Ginger

AT Hopper

Adventure Team Micro-Jet

AT Turbo Copter

AT Jet Ski Combo

GI JoeGI JoeGI Joe

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