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Adventure Team Turbo Copter

One of the best of the small individual vehicles owned by the Adventure Team is the Turbo Copter. Recently, the Adventure Team re-commissioned these vehicles, and now every branch of the team has some on hand.

These came from the new "Black Spider Rendezvous" set, and Target was selling them after Christmas at around $6.00, so obviously I got a few.

The great thing is that the lightweight personal helicopter can be strapped onto the back quickly and easily.

Once strapped in, the handles drop down for easy control.
Snugly fitting, the backpack Turbo Copter is ready to go.
Here, a squadron of Adventure Team stealth pilots prepares for lift-off.

The Turbo Copter also came in Adventure Team yellow in the 70s, which was used for rescue. That bright color made rescue easy, but for some missions the black copter was necessary.

Note that early experiments of the Turbo Copter were quite successful. Here you can see

Here, a military test pilot is preparing to take an early flight before the GI Joe organization (pre-Adventure Team) orders a bunch.
The green and orange colors were used for the experimental version of the copter. The Action Man team in the UK liked the colors enough to commission many Turbo Copters in exactly this color scheme. The Adventure Team thought the yellow would work well for rescue, and black for stealth, but did not order any in the green and orange.


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