GI Joe

The Recruit

by Sean Huxter


 - 30 -

Thanks to Sean Dickinson, Jason Booth, Pete MacDonald for their help on this one. We piggy-backed this shoot onto "The Search for the Albino Bigfoot Sasquatch" shoot we did in early January.

Months ago, when I storyboarded the Sasquatch story, I figured that since I was going to have an elaborate boardroom setup, that I would use the opportunity to introduce my new AT recruit to the world. The head of Anakin Skywalker, attached to a body of Action Jackson, this kid is a great hacker, and will prove useful in later Adventure Team adventures.

So it was an easy thing to redress the set slightly, and do a quickie that was just a few random office shots, which was useful to explain a little about how the Adventure Team can afford to operate.

A quickie is a shoot that I do that has very little plot or intrigue, and can be shot quickly, edited quickly, and put up quickly.

My next major story will not be so simple to do... still, quickies are so easy that I may do one or more before my next major story.

Small as it is, I still hope you enjoyed "The Recruit."

For your enjoyment, also note these 3D images taken at the AT office:

Use red-blue glasses to view.



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